Clipart School Child

For the child, school - is a new way of life, when it obliges to obey the strict rules of the system. During the lesson to be sitting at a desk listening to the teacher calmly and carefully. You can not just come out of a class, even if the lesson is very bored. If you have something to say, you first need to raise your hand and wait for the teacher's permission. School rules are not such as in kindergarten.
There, they are aimed at the convenience of teachers and children because their meaning is well understood. At school - these are the rules of school life and social norms that determine the behavior of the student, who does not need to comply because of their violation of someone hurt, but simply because in school so it should be. The adoption of these new rules is the first experience of the child's entry into society. In the future face similar rules he will have to repeatedly, and the ability to subordinate them to their behavior is acquired at an early stage of schooling.

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