Clipart Sun Smile

Laugh prolongs our lives and improves health - a scientifically proven fact. Maybe this is why women live longer, they are more likely to laugh. And the laughter begins with a smile. In this article I will not write about the types of smiles, a lot of them, and each species carries its meaning. It will focus on the smile, carrying a positive charge of emotion. A smile that will take the first step to a healthy lifestyle.
At first glance, a smile - this physiological reduction of facial muscles, sounds like something scary, and actually look at you smiling person very nice. See how the children laugh and smile, they have the most emotional, sincere and charming smile.
Smiling gives a feeling of happiness, a surge of positive emotions, because a person smiles when he is well. Even if not in the mood, and overcome by sadness - smile, even through force. For greater effect, while looking in a mirror. Keep a smile a few minutes, think of something pleasant. And you'll notice that the smile is no longer the strained, and the natural, and the mood starts to improve.
Smile from the awakening of themselves and others. Then, a positive mood will not only you, you tell them to "infect" many of those around you. Yes, a smile "contagious", seeing the smiling face you, you involuntarily start to smile, too.

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