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Interesting facts. In ancient times, the pig has been the protagonist of amazing legends and myths. The inhabitants of the Indonesian island of Sulawesi thought that the earth rests on a huge pig, and when it moves, earthquakes. And on the island of Sumatra, the pig was considered an evil spirit world of the dead. The ancient Egyptians depicted the god Osiris as a pig - a sacred totem animal. Black pig stood their enemy as the embodiment of Osiris, the evil god Seth, abused body of the dead Osiris and ate the eyes of his son Horus. For this crime the piggies Seth betrayed burnt offering and established the annual pig as a sacrifice to the gods. On behalf of the sun god Ra declared all the pigs unclean animals. Egyptian, even if accidentally touching the pig should be cleansed in the waters of the Nile.
But this animal was worshiped by the Egyptians not only as an evil demon that although the pig, and swallowed the sun right eye of Horus, because of this, it became a temporary bearer of light, one of the Egyptian gods.
In Hindu mythology the pig is also associated with the symbolism of the sun. In one embodiment of the sun god Vishnu, to disperse the demons of the night was the boar, that is wild boar. Boar Gullinburste raced and Scandinavian sun god Freyr. During the celebration of the Roman Saturnalia sacrificial animal was a symbol of the sun pig: it was believed that her long and sharp bristles similar to its rays. There is an old Russian enigma "Trembling mumps, acute bristle"; otgadka - fire. In the ancient Phoenician worshipers of Attis and Adonis they believed if the gods could take the shape of a pig. Tradition, in which Attis tore boar, is consistent with the presentation of: according to the laws of mythological thinking, the animal that killed a god, was originally by this god.
Sun and fertility are interrelated, and not by chance among the many incarnations of the ancient Greek goddess Demeter meets pig. Save the image of the goddess, accompanied by a pig. Drawing on a Greek vase from the Athens National Museum captures the iconic scene; Priestess casts the fire pig. And they brought a pig in sacrifice and Roman fertility goddess Ceres.

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